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Social media is a fantastic way to communicate both personally and professionally.   It’s a tool for professionals, business owners and churches/spiritual communities/organizations to directly connect with clients/customers/congregants/seekers.

Are you wondering which social media platforms are right for your needs?

Do you desire to connect with your audience but don’t know how to create conversations?

Are you concerned that managing your social media will take up too much of your time?

Social Grace Media was launched to help you!  Let’s identify your target audience, where they exist in the online world, and create key messages to attract them.  And most importantly, stay connected to them!

Get your social media presence.
Analysis of your online strategy, selecting the best channels, and profiles made ready for you to engage with your audience.
Learn how to do it yourself!
Let Social Grace Media coach you with the skills needed to take control and maximize your social media marketing efforts. Four sessions.
Take control of social media.
Social Grace Media provides the guidance you need to engage with your audience and reach your social media networking goals.
Let Social Grace Media do the work.
Social media networking can be time-consuming. SGM can take control and optimize your efforts for the best return on investment.


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