Welcome to Social Grace Media LLC!

Does your church or spiritual community, non-profit, professional practice or small business need some help and guidance with its social media?

Social Grace Media offers different levels of service to meet the distinct online needs of each client:

  • developing a strategy and plan
  • creating social media profiles
  • expressing the unique spirit of your organization
  • coaching your staff/volunteers on networking skills
  • engaging with your current congregants (or clients)
  • creating a welcoming presence to attract visitors
  • promoting events
  • helping you build relationships and interact with real people
  • monitoring conversations
  • overseeing your online presence

Your vision, mission, objectives, structure, ministries, and priorities are important to each process.  Social media is very personal, and it is quite rewarding when people respond to learning who you are.

Discover more about our services, or fill out the contact form and let’s connect soon.

Social media can make your organization come alive in new ways!


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